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Our repertoire is drawn largely from traditional Scottish and Irish music with some American and a few of Bill's original tunes included as well.

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 Both Scottish and Irish traditions are well known for their lively jigs and reels and melodic slow airs.  Other types of Celtic tunes include hornpipes, slip jigs, marches and waltzes.  Unique to the Scottish tradition is the strathspey, a style that developed from reels but is characterized by strong syncopated rhythms and slower tempo. 

We are longtime active members of the Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club (PVSFC), a non-profit group promoting Scottish fiddle music.  For those interested in Scottish music, the Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club is a wonderful group for people who play all types of instruments and musical abilities to learn more about Scottish fiddle music.  Once a month, the Club meets in the D.C. area to learn new Scottish tunes and play old favorites.  Out-of-town members receive the monthly music by mail.  For more information about the Fiddle Club, see the
PVSFC Webpage  or send Becky your questions by e-mail (BeckyRoss@PeatAndBarley.com).