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Praise for "Silver Lining"

"The music here is mostly slow and stately, reminiscent of the Scottish country-dance tradition, and full of interesting textures from two close-fitting instruments playing complementary melodies...This lovely CD is a fine example of the quieter side of the Celtic tradition."
from CD Review in Dirty Linen

"Becky is a masterful fiddler ...and Bill's hammered dulcimer is the perfect counterpoint ...It's definitely some great music and I recommend it unreservedly, preferably with a tumbler of Glenwhozit in front of a crackling fire!"

from CD Review in Dulcimer Players News

"Silver Lining is a lovely, interesting recording. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. The creative arrangements bring out the best in familiar tunes... Part of the appeal of this duo is that the instruments work so successfully together. Both musicians can play melody, harmony and chords, and the hammered dulcimer also adds some percussive sounds that add drive and interest."
from CD Review in StrathPotomac Fiddler Newsletter    

"Silver Lining" is the  latest collection of  Peat & Barley's stylish arrangements of Scottish, Irish and original tunes  that highlight the interplay between the two instruments -interweaving the melody with strong rhythm, harmony and countermelody.
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P&B CD cover
"On the Brink"-Still Available!
This collection of Celtic and original music ranges in mood from darkly mysterious to playfully lighthearted and includes toe-tapping jigs and reels as well as lyrical airs and waltzes.  On the Brink continues to generate  enthusiastic praise -see below-left for a sample of comments we've received!. 

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Also, Becky has several CDs with other groups - all great music!

 "English Echoes"  (with Liz Donaldson on piano and Colleen Reed on flute) is English Country Dance tunes suitable for dancing or listening.  More information (including ordering info) is on Liz's site or at CDBaby page

 "A Sheep at the Wheel"  (with Karin Loya on cello and Julie Gorka on piano) has a whimsical title but delightful arrangements of Scottish and English traditional music. Click to listen or buy A Sheep at the Wheel

Hot off the press, is "On The Map" (with Tasker's Chance),
featuring popular music of early America on flute, fiddle, guitar and vocals.
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Other ways to buy our music

Buy directly
from Peat & Barley by sending e-mail to Becky Ross at Music@PeatAndBarley.com.   The cost is $15 plus shipping (if applicable).

Buy locally;  get your copy of "On the Brink"  and "Silver Lining" at the following shops
    Dusty Strings Acoustic Music Shop (206) 634-1662
    3406 Fremont Ave. N.,   Seattle,  WA  98103
     Mount Vernon Gift Shop    (Silver Lining only)
    3200 Mount Vernon Memorial Highway, Mount Vernon, Virginia 22309
     Lashoff Violins 
301-330-2606   (Silver Lining only)
     1- F East Diamond Ave. Gaithersburg, MD 20877  

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of individual tracks from "Silver Lining" at Apple iTunes , Amazon, Rhapsody, eMusic, PayPlay, and Napster or

Listen to samples from  "Silver Lining" or "On the Brink" at several locations: CDBaby-SilverLiningCDBaby-OnTheBrink .

Using Rhapsody's free 25-downloads per month, you can listen to all of "Silver Lining" for free (and we get paid for it!).  Find our music on Rhapsody by searching for Peat (for some reason they left off the  '& Barley' in the search engine) or click here