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Here is our schedule of recent and upcoming performances.  We hope to see you there!   If you would like advance notification of our performances, send Becky an e-mail requesting that you be added to the list.

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Performance Schedule


June 11, 2016,  Saturday, 3;45pm.  Wedding Ceremony (private event).

Sept. 4, 2016,  Sunday, 3:15pm.  Peat & Barley performs at the Fiddle Tent.  Virginia Scottish Games, Great Meadow, VA.

Sept. 24, 2016,  Saturday, 2-4pm.  Peat & Barley performs at Poolesville library.

Oct. 1, 2016,  Saturday, 3;00pm.  Wedding Ceremony (private event).

December 14, 2016,  Wednesday, 6pm.  Peat & Barley perform for the Regent's Circle Holiday Party at Mt. Vernon (private event).

December 17, 2016,  Saturday 2-5pm.  Peat & Barley perform Carols and Celtic tunes at Rocklands Farm and Winery, >14525 Montevideo Rd, Poolesville, MD 20837.  http://www.rocklandsfarmmd.com/

December 18, 2016,  Sunday, 4:30-9pm.  Peat & Barley perform at Mt. Vernon as part of their Candlelight Tour.  Reservations and info:

Our large Celtic band, The Homespun Ceilidh Band, also has performances in the area.  Check their website for the complete schedule.